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Subject: Happy Holidays - big changes on the way...please read!
Happy Holidays to all my fellow hashers! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the holiday season this year. Since you're probably already imbibing in some holiday cheer, I'm going to summarize the rest of this message in one line:
New HashSpace site coming next week... lots of changes on the way!

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We have some big changes coming for HashSpace in the next week. While I've talked before about wanting to update the site to make it more useful, I never fully found the time to do so and we've just been plodding along with the site as is. Well, I'm now being forced to make a big change by the company that hosts the current HashSpace software. I was informed that my fee for using their service was going from $60 per month to $1000 per month... yes one thousand dollars... starting at the beginning of the year due to the size of our site. That is what I call motivation to get a new site up and running.
I've been working on the new site over the last month and we will be switching over sometime next week. You will receive an email with your username (email address) and a new password to access the site when it is ready. The new site will have some areas that don't require a login (event calendar, kennels map, and haberdashery area) but the main community area will still be an invite-only membership to keep some hash privacy.
Some of the new features:

  • Facebook-like member wall - follow your friends activity on your wall
  • Photo tagging - tag your friends in photos
  • Photo upload to groups - make it easier to find photos related to your group
  • Location-based features - find upcoming events or kennels near you
  • Much more mobile friendly!
I ask that you bear with us during this transition as there are sure to be some bumps along the way. I have not been able to stress test everything as I would like but in typical hash mentality... it may start off as a crap shoot but we'll make it work it in the end.
The site will be very barebones to start...I've been able to transfer some user data and users' groups and I will work on updating some data after we go live when I have the time (some forum info, some pictures). There are a few things that I am not able to transfer from the old site though and I apologize about not being able to transfer the following (I just don't have access to the data from the commercial service I currently use). Not able to be transferred:
  • Friendships - friendships will have to be rebuilt. If you really need to save your friendships there is not a very easy way, but email me at and I can give you some instructions. Otherwise you can just re-friend people on the new site.
  • Private conversations - if there is anything you need to grab out of private conversations, do it now.
  • Photos - while I'm downloading photos as I write, it does not look like it will be physically possible time-wise to actually download all 850,000 photos. I'm trying to work with the hosting company to get all the old photos, as you can tell by their price increase, they really don't want to work with the likes of me. If you have any old photos that you need, now is the time to download them.

Looks like I'm in for a busy weekend...
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Please Click here for WinterRude Signup

"WinterRude Posh Nosh "
When:   Fri. Feb. 12th, 2016 @7:00 pm
Where:    Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON
Hash Cash: SOLD OUT
Note:    Formal attire, dinner, ...
Map:   Map Link!

"WinterRude Run-Skate-Drink "
When:   Sat. Feb. 13th, 2016 @2:00 pm circle up for the start of the triathlon
Where:    Backwash's, 295 Bruyere St., Ottawa K1N 5E5
Hash Event Fee: $10 (give to Cheap Thrills or interac email to:
Note:   No Haberdashery this year. Skating dependent on the canal opening.

  • skate hares (with liquid refreshment tbd)
  • skates will be transported by a volunteer hasher, i.e. !!
  • dinner (included in cost) hosted by our very own Backwash and others.
  • Sorry, NO DOGS allowed at the ON IN
Map:   Map Link!

"WinterRude Fat Boy breakfast followed by a skate"
When:   Sun. Feb. 14th, 2016 @10:00 am; (9:00am for OB and whomever wishes to join her)
Where:    Malone's Lakeside Bar & Grill, Dows Lake Pavilion, 1001 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa, On, 613-567-2254
Hash Cash: $0; Breakfast is pay-as-you-go, the menu items range from about $6.95 to $14.95
Note:    at your own cost

  • skate after breakfast
  • please rsvp to Cheap Thrills - reservations will be made for Malone's
Map:   Map Link!

Please Fill out the WinterRude registration form below to help the organizers estimate numbers.

Lap the Gats in Support of Parkinson's disease
As announced last Monday, RV will participate again in Lap the Gats For Parkinson`s. For those looking for the link to Support RV


R*n "Pub Crawl by Rideau Hash"
When:     Thursday, June 30th, 2016 @ ?:00 pm
Hare(s):   Peter eat 'er
Where:   Dominion Pub, 33 York Street, Ottawa
Hash Cash: At your own expense
Note:   Pssst, pssst. I know where the trail is going...
Map:   Map Link!


When:      Fri. July 1st, 2016 @2:30pm
Hare(s):   Have You? and Taste the Rainbow
Where:   171 Stanley Ave, Ottawa
Hash Cash: $ 35 for Hash down-downs and grub.
Note:    Food by Fat Ass - Fireworks by the NCC
Map:   Map Link!

When:      Sat. July 2nd, 2016 @2:30pm
Hare(s):   Cumikaze and Flounder
Where:   2650 Flannery Drive, Ottawa
Hash Cash: $ 20 for Hash down-downs and grub.
Note:    There will be a swim stop.
Map:   Map Link!

Hash Cash Combo: $55.00 for Fri. July 1st and Sat. July 2nd, gets you Two full meals, a technical t-shirt and beer and wine on Friday and Saturday. (And maybe some beer on Thursday.)
The link needed to be bigger for Cheap Thrills to see it. LBM must have a really big one otherwise CT would never find it. Who's CUMming

When:      Sun. July 3rd, 2016 @11:00am
Hare(s):    TBD
Where:    TBD , Ottawa
Hash Cash: $ At your own expense.
Map:   Map Link!

OH3 hasher at the Rio Olympics
One of our very own Hashers, Wet Dreams will be competing in the Women's 200m Individual Medley (IM) swimming at this year's Rio Olympics on Monday, August 8, 2016. There will be a "Hashers Cumming Together for the Olympics" run and celebration to watch the semi-final race at Boston Pizza, 1681 Greenbank Rd. in Barrhaven. To see the schedule check out 2016 Summer Olympics

An exciting new discovery from some OH3 recent Bali travellers at a Bali Spa
For more information See more
Get your own kit.