Welcome to the Ottawa Hash House Harriers!

The Ottawa Hash House Harriers (OH3) is a mixed social running club in the true Hash House Harrier's tradition which meets weekly in various locations in the Ottawa area in rain, snow, sun, or the dark of night. It seems as if nothing deters this group of mad hashers from enjoying an evening of fun and frivolity! The Ottawa Hash r*ns every Monday night at 7:00pm.

The OH3 is also loosely associated with several other hashes (PerogieFMH, Bytown BBH, Rideau HHH , and LAFFTER) in Ottawa, or should it be that several other local hashes are associated with OH3? No matter it is usually the same group of dedicated runners.

Posh Nosh 2021

Posh Nosh is cumming to town in December. Cocktails and dinner at Biagios Restaurant.

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Receding Hare Line

The following is maintained by the Hareraisers. Email the Hareraisers at HareRaiser@OH3.info.
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