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Welcome to L.A.F.F.T.E.R 5ohhhhh!
Tits Mountain...Cum to Heaven, Ski like Hell

January 23-25, 2009
Tits Mountain, Malone, New York

Local (& Int'l) Hashers came to Titus Mountain for LAFFTER's annual winter ski Hash weekend.

A full (all-inclusive) weekend, including unlimited outhouse privileges, beer, 2 nights accommodation, 2 days skiing, beer, 2 breakfasts, beer, lunches at the hill, dinner Sat. night, beer, snacks, loot bags and haberdashery all for $225 or less.

Join us next winter 2010 for L.A.F.F.T.E.R S*X Ski! to experience one of Canada's best Hash events. A summary of this year's event and Hash Trash details can be found below.

L.A.F.F.T.E.R. 5ohhhhh Hash Trash

Download the L.A.F.F.T.E.R. 5ohhhhh Agenda here!

Download the L.A.F.F.T.E.R. 5ohhhhh Hash trash as submitted by Pussarella! Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Mere words alone though cannot express the natural beauty of this location and hilarious hash fun encountered, so please check the pictures listed below!

LAFFTER 5oh Pics

On On to LAFFTER 999!!!


Who Came

Little Big Man L.A.F.F.T.E.R.
Cheap Thrills Montreal H3
Multiple Entry Moscow H3
Pooh Runner Montreal H3
Rides It All Night L.A.F.F.T.E.R.
Flounder L.A.F.F.T.E.R.
Cumikasi L.A.F.F.T.E.R. H3
Cockwench Ottawa H3
Lost Seamen L.A.F.F.T.E.R. H3
Dick Dastardly L.A.F.F.T.E.R. H3
Clogged Nozzle Ottawa H3
Knock Her Up L.A.F.F.T.E.R. H3
Spike Ottawa H3
Necrobabe Ottawa H3
Deflowered Ottawa H3
Wet Weenus Ottawa H3
Neon Stripper Ottawa H3
Captain Hook Ottawa H3
Loosey Lockets Ottawa H3
Hot Weiner Pie Burlington H3
Hot Weiner Sundae Burlington H3
Cash Wench LAFFTER H3
Just Diego Ottawa
Hot Booty L.A.F.F.T.E.R. H3
Bobitt / Anon Ottawa H3
1/2 Arse Budapest H3
The Oracle Budapest H3
No Arse Belleville H3
Open All Night Montreal H3
Bush Pig Montreal H3
Laid Low Montreal H3
T.F.U. Moron Heights H3
Fuckloric Montreal H3
Twisted Tits Quebec City H3
RUFF Montreal H3
Pussarella LAFFTER H3
Goldie Fox LAFFTER H3
Likes It Hot LAFFTER H3
Just Paige Ottawa
Fat Ass Ottawa H3
Likes It Hard Ottawa
Hot Flash Ottawa H3
Peter Eat Her Ottawa H3
Turkish Delight Montreal H3
Mustapha K*nt Montreal H3
Rum Bum Ottawa H3

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